Why Hemp?

Given the importance of hemp to human civilisation throughout history, it’s almost inconceivable that we’re only now rediscovering this versatile plant’s amazing properties in the 21st century. Hemp’s future applications as a construction material, plastic substitute and non-toxic diesel fuel are exciting but it’s the plant’s beneficial, health-giving properties and sustainability that fire us up the most.

Hempseed contains all essential amino and fatty acids, making it a complete nutritional source. The two main proteins in hempseed, edestin and albumin, are easily digested and essential for muscle and tissue repair, healthy hair and nails, and boosting the metabolism.

Hempseed oil is uniquely high in Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, essential for our health and must be found in our diet. Consuming sufficient Omega-6 and Omega-3 is a crucial factor in determining how well our immune system functions, for cell growth and brain function. They also help our heart keep a steady rhythm. Omega 3 offers a special benefit.

They supply the starting point for some hormones that perform functions such as helping artery walls contract and relax, regulating blood clotting, and turning inflammation on and off. Hempseeds also have high concentrations of potassium, Vitamin A and iron.

Hemp contributes to a healthy planet as well. The plant is a fast grower in a wide range of climates, doesn’t require a lot of water or fertiliser and has no herbicide or pesticide requirements, so it’s a very economical and environmentally sustainable crop to produce. And, because hemp produces more biomass than any other plant, it’s excellent for building up soil—to grow nutritious food for future generations.

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